To form Kosovo military would arm UCK - Zeman


02.04.2014 17:21

Belgrade - The idea to build up the independent Kosovo armed forces would mean to again arm the members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) that committed terrorist acts, Czech President Zeman said during his visit to Serbia today.


Český prezident Prezident Miloš Zeman na tiskové konferenci po setkání se svým srbským protějškem Tomislavem Nikolićem v Bělehradě. ČTK/AP Darko Vojinovic

Some countries do not recognise Kosovo´s independence which this Serbian province declared unilaterally in February 2008.

The commitment to dissolve the UCK was included in the peace treaties after the end of the conflict between Serbs and Albanians, Zeman recalled.

The government in Pristina announced the plan to create an independent miliary in early March. It should consist of 5000 soldiers in active service and 3000 reservists. Serbia disagrees with it.

"With regard for the Kosovo Liberation Army committing a number of terrorist acts during the Yugoslav war, I would rather fear an independent Kosovo army that would be nothing but the armed UCK," Zeman told Czech reporters.

The UCK was fighting for Kosovo´s independence from Serbia in 1998-1999. It was dissolved later after the U.N. Security Council´s resolution 1244 was approved in 1999.

"Let us realise that the UCK´s dissolution was part of the respective peace treaties. And now you would actually restore it," Zeman said.

In reaction to the plan to form the Kosovo military, Serbia demanded that a U.N. Security Council´s meeting be convoked. Belgrade claims that the plan is at variance with the U.N. resolution.

The Koha ditore Kosovo paper has written that the Kosovo military should consist of the existing security forces and be fully operable by 2019.

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