Rare fragment of Egyptian Pharaoh´s mummy found in Czech museum


24.01.2014 13:02

Olomouc - A piece of a rare fabric from the most significant Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II´s mummy, the value of which is inestimable, has been accidentally found in the Ethnographic Museum in Olomouc, its director Bretislav Holasek told reporters today.


Ve sbírkách Vlastivědného muzea Olomouc byla náhodou nalezena část vzácné textilie obinadla (vpravo na snímku z 24. ledna) z mumie nejvýznamnějšího egyptského panovníka Ramesse II. Fragment z nejslavnější mumie nemá v Česku žádné jiné muzeum a na světě je k vidění pouze v několika sbírkách. ČTK Peřina Luděk

No other Czech museum possesses a similar fragment of the most famous mummy that is included only in a few collections in the world.

The Olomouc museum employees found the fabric fragment from the Ramesses II mummy at the end of last year by chance when inspecting the inheritance of its long-term worker Vaclav Burian.

The linen shred was removed from the mummy in 1886. Its original owner was Viennese artist and photographer Richard Buchta.

The museum has no idea how the fragment has got to Olomouc.

The Olomouc museum will have the valuable fabric explored by experts to confirm its age.

The unique fragment is to be publicly displayed for the first time at an exhibition on Ancient Egypt to be held in Olomouc in March.

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