Proofs point at Dahlgren as killer, motive unclear - Czech police

Policie pátrá po Američanovi Kevinu Dahlgrenovi (na nedatovaném archivním snímku), kterého podezřívá ze čtyř vražd v Brně-Ivanovicích. Muž může být nebezpečný.

published: 05.06.2013, 13:19 | updated: 05.06.2013 13:21:14

Brno - All pieces of evidence clearly show that a four-member family was recently killed in Brno by their U.S. relative Kevin Dahlgren, 20, whose motive is unknown, however, and the question is whether it will ever be ascertained, Antonin Hrdlicka, head of the Czech team of investigators, said today.

"In my personal opinion, we have enough material and evidence to support [a Czech request] for Dahlgren´s extradition [by the USA] with," Hrdlicka told CTK.

Based on the evidence, he said he believes it would be a big risk for U.S. inhabitants if the court released Dahlgren on bail.

The relevant U.S. court is to decide on Dahlgren´s request for release on Thursday.

Hrdlicka said he does not know when the Czech Republic will convey documents supporting its request for Dahlgren´s extradition to Washington, where Dahlgren was arrested after escaping from Europe after the suspected crime.

The Czech police have received from FBI the effects Dahglren had on him when the FBI arrested him at the Washington airport, Hrdlicka said.

Experts are examining whether the items contain biological tracks linked to the murdered victims.

The police have also received a copy of Dahlgren´s testimony in the USA. According to it, Dahlgren said while staying with his relatives in Brno-Ivanovice, he went jogging and after returning to their house he found the family dead. He ran away in confusion, he told U.S. authorities.

According to previous speculations, Dahlgren stole a motorbike of one of the killed men and used it to reach the Vienna airport. The police dismissed this and said a Brno taxi drove Dahlgren from the centre of Brno to Vienna.

The driver described Dahlgren´s behaviour as normal, without symptoms of distress.

Hrdlicka today indicated how the tragedy occurred in the family´s house on May 22.

The parents and their two sons were killed in a yet unclear way. The murdered woman was Dahlgren´s cousin.

On May 22 morning, a girl-friend of one of the sons left the family house. Shortly after noon, neighbours registered some smoke in the house but did not pay attention to it. At 17:00. Dahlgren was already at the Vienna airport. At 21:50, firefighters arrived to liquidate the smoke in the family house. They uncovered four dead people.

Dahlgren left Vienna for Washington D.C. in the morning on May 23.

According to unofficial information, the perpetrator piled the corpses one on another and set them alight. It probably took a few hours before the fire flared up in the closed premises.


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