Police bust Czech cell of Russian neo-Nazi organisation


05.05.2014 12:07

Prague - Police have busted a Czech cell of the Wotan Jugend neo-Nazi organisation from Russia and accused five of its members of support for and promotion of movements aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms, Prague police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova told CTK today.


Neonacisté na vzpomínkovém shromáždění. Ilustrační foto. ČTK-EPA

The accused face up to five years in prison if found guilty, Zoulova added.

Detectives, from the anti-extremism squad, were looking into the establishment of a Czech cell of the Wotan Jugend Russian neo-Nazi organisation by a 21-year-old foreigner, living permanently in the Czech Republic, and another man, who is in prison now for racially motivated violent crimes.

Prague policemen were investigating the case for a few months, Zoulova said.

According to the police, the Wotan Jugend movement was founded by members of the Moloth band in Russia in 2008. It is to provide ideological, promotional and financial support to prisoners convicted of crimes with racial, ethnic, national and other similar motives.

The movement is closely connected with the "National Socialist" black metal music style, mainly with Moloth.

Wotan Jugend gains money for its activities by the sale of clothing, stickers, CDs and other items with the movement´s motive or Moloth´s emblem and by staging concerts, sport events and public fund-raising campaigns.

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