Czechs lead EU standings in marijuana, pervitin use - reports


27.05.2014 13:00

Lisbon - Young Czechs still lead the EU marijuana smoking statistics, says the annual report of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) released today.


Ilustrační foto - Kolem 2000 lidí se 10. května podle odhadů zapojilo v centru Prahy do pochodu za legalizaci konopí. Pořadatelé průvodu Million Marihuana March, který se konal už posedmnácté, kritizovali před startem loňský policejní zásah proti takzvaným growshopům. Vadí jim i "přetrvávající nesmyslná represivní protidrogová politika vůči pěstitelům a uživatelům". Na průvod navázaly koncerty v parku Parukářka. ČTK Šimánek Vít

In addition, the 10.5-million Czech Republic has the highest consumption of pervitin (methamphetamine) hard drug in Europe, according to a study comparing drug amounts in wastewaters in 42 European cities, including Prague and Ceske Budejovice, south Bohemia.

The latest EMCDDA report compared data from 2012, exceptionally older ones, from 28 EU member states as well as Norway and Turkey.

The report says 18.5 percent of Czechs aged 15-34 years have smoked at least one marijuana cigarette a year and Czech 15-16-year-old students have experience with marijuana.

The report also shows that the number of cocaine and heroin users has been decreasing all over Europe, including the Czech Republic.

This trend is apparent in the Czech Republic where police and customs officers regularly seized 50-60 kilos of heroin a year in 2006-2010, while in 2012 it was "only" eight kilos.

On the other hand, the amount of new narcotics and addictive substances is threatening - 81 emerged in 2013 alone.

The far most popular hard drug in the Czech Republic is pervitin. It has also spread in the neighbouring Slovakia, and most recently in Germany where it is often smuggled from the Czech Republic.

The demand for pervitin has increased mainly in the borderlands of Bavaria and Saxony, representatives of the government council for coordination of drug policy and the National Drug Monitoring centre said today, referring to the EMCDDA report.

According to estimates, almost six tonnes of pervitin are annually made in the Czech Republic, while police succeed in seizing a mere fraction of it. Last year it was 69 kilos.

Marijuana is the most popular soft drug in the Czech Republic, where 27.9 percent of adults aged 15-64 have tried it, which is the fourth highest figure in the EU.

A high marijuana consumption is confirmed by the police statistics of seized hemp plants (over 90,000 in 2012).

Pervitin and marijuana addictions are also the most frequent causes of the antidrug treatment that addicts in the Czech Republic underwent for the first time in 2012.

Czechs also like to consume the ecstasy party drug, however, the number of its users has been slightly decreasing among young people.

According to the EMCDDA report from 2013, about 2.5 percent of people aged 15-34 took at least one ecstasy tablet in the past year, while this year´s report speaks about 1.2 percent only.

The report says the number of traditional drug users, fatalities caused by drug overdose and drug users infected with HIV has been decreasing in general, but the results from some EU countries were not very optimistic.

The highest drug-related death toll was in the Baltic countries, for instance. In the Czech Republic, 28 people dief of drug overdose in 2012, compared with 170 in Estonia, which has ten times fewer inhabitants.

Another European study has focused on the drug amount in wastewaters in Europe. It was carried out by an international team, including Czech hydrologists, and released in the Addiction journal today.

The far highest amount of pervitin was measured in Prague, followed by Ceske Budejovice, Oslo, Bratislava and Dresden.

The latest study has confirmed the trends monitored in 2011 and 2012.

According to the wastewater chemical analyses, Europe can be divided into specific drug areas, for instance, pervitin dominates in east and central European, while cocaine as well as ecstasy are popular mainly in western Europe and the Netherlands leads in marijuana and amphetamine consumption.

Prague is placed 14th and Ceske Budejovice 16th in the amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) narcotic contained in hemp that was detected in wastewaters, while these two Czech cities finished 28th and 40th in the cocaine use, and 15th and 26th in the ecstasy consumption, respectively.

Experts have also uncovered that the drug amount in wastewaters has always increased on Friday and Saturday nights.

The team was taking samples from the wastewater inflows into 47 water treatment plants in 42 cities in 21 countries for seven days in a row in 2013. Roughly 25 million people or about 2 percent of EU inhabitants live there.

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