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05.09.2014 07:18

Prague - The idea that NATO will protect Ukraine or even offer it its membership is nothing but an illusion, Zbynek Petracek writes in Lidove noviny (LN) today.


Summit NATO v britském Newportu. ČTK/AP Charles Dharapak

NATO can hold joint military exercises on the Ukrainian soil and it can provide Ukraine with logistics support in the form of fresh satellite imagery, Petracek writes.

However, it will not deliver it heavy arms, it will not give it any help on the battlefield and it is not preparing any official association with Ukraine, he adds.

The current NATO summit will prefer to end the existing experiments (Afghanistan) rather than opening new ones (Ukraine), Petracek writes.

If the rhetoric of the NATO summit is set aside, this policy is in fact in harmony with the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he adds.

It is obvious that Vera Jourova, deputy chairwoman of ANO, will not become the European commissioner for regional development, Alexandr Mitrofanov writes in Pravo.

One can be outraged at the European Union as it is not taking seriously the Czech Republic and its representative, Mitrofanov writes.

But this does not make any sense. If would be certainly better for the national prestige if the Czech Republic received a crucial post in the European Commission, he adds.

However, one has to ask again: why? What reasons can the EU have for this?, MItrofanov writes.

Ten years ago, Czechs elected a head of state that liked to act like a modern dissident, but not against the harsh Communist regime, but against the liberal EU that does not send its opponents to the prison, Mitrofanov writes in a veiled reference to former president Vaclav Klaus, who was a Eurosceptic.

Before it, Czechs had a government that liked to pretend that there is no EU at all and when its members came to Brussels, they used to say that they have no empowerment to decide on anything, Mitrofanov writes.

One can see how easily and swiftly candidates for posts in the European Commission can become experts, Martin Zverina writes in Lidove noviny, commenting on Jourova's bid for a portfolio in the EC.

Jourova was about to be in charge of the European funds, but she was reportedly pushed aside by the Croatian candidate who was the commissioner for consumer policy.

In a few days' time, Jourova is to become an expert in transport, Zverina writes.

Besides, it is obvious that the candidates will necessarily remain hostage of the bureaucrats who were not elected by anyone, he adds.

Perhaps it might be more honest to choose the candidates by drawing the lots, Zverina concludes.


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