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21.05.2014 07:34

Prague - The Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) will continue with the tradition of sending their significant figures of European qualities to Brussels so that they are not in the way at home if they choose Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek for EU commissioner, Alexandr Mitrofanov says in daily Pravo today.


Český ministr zahraničí Lubomír Zaorálek hovoří s novináři 14. dubna v Lucemburku při příchodu na jednání šéfů diplomacií EU. ČTK Dospiva Jakub

It is speculated that Zaoralek would be replaced by Hynek Kmonicek, head of the foreign section of the Presidential Office, Mitrofanov notes.

Zaoralek was praised abroad for his open criticism of Moscow for its involvement in the crisis in Ukraine. Representatives of the European Union and NATO appreciated that Zaoralek made clear statements, but at home mainly the part of Czech society that does not vote the CSSD applauded him, Mitrofanov writes.

He says a part of the Social Democrats called Zaoralek a traitor because of this.

This part of the CSSD then welcomed his performance in China where Zaoralek acted in a pragmatic way, like his partners from Western Europe. However, he lost support of those who praised him for opposing Russia, Mitrofanov writes.

If Zaoralek left to join the European Commission, nobody might be missing him at home, he adds.

If Kmonicek becomes Czech foreign minister, nobody will criticise him for clear stances. Kmonicek is able to make so complicated statements in foreign affairs that nobody can criticise him for any stance, Mitrofanov concludes.

Former president Vaclav Klaus should explain how it happened that the controversial Key Investments firm, which did not return money to many towns and other investors, returned all the money to Klaus´s think tank CEP, Martin Zverina writes in Lidove noviny (LN).

This success of CEP seems miraculous, Zverina says.

He notes that CEP entrusted its money to Key Investments from 2002 to 2011 when it received about 10 million crowns.

Ir seems as if Klaus´s think tank benefited from a criminal activity, namely harming the creditor, Zverina writes.

Jana Bendova says in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) that transport minister Zdenek Zak fully used his right to use his ministerial car for three months after he left the post of minister.

She notes that Zak travelled 25,000 km during this time.

Zak claims that he visited experts with whom he discussed transport issues as minister to thank them for their cooperation, Bendova writes, indicating that the explanation is untrustworthy.

The right to use a state car should not be abolished only because one person misused it, Bendova says.

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