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10.05.2014 12:56

Prague - The flow of money to Russia should be halted, Teodor Marjanovic writes in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD), analysing the latest developments in Ukraine.


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There is still one solution to Russian aggressiveness: to impose a continual, but clearly defined European embargo on all the import of Russian energy sources and raw materials, Marjanovic writes.

Given Europe's well-known dependence on the imports, this may sound like a message from Mars, but as no one wants to fight Russians, the situation demands such a radical solution, he adds.

The export of petrol and gas accounts for 70 percent of the total volume of Russia's exports, Marjanovic writes.

In addition, 50 percent of Russian state coffers are filled with the money, he adds.

If the money flow is stopped, Russia's power ambitions would be over, Marjanovic writes.

The price would not be small, but if Europe wants to prefer the Churchill style to Chamberlain's appeasement, this is necessary, he adds.

The measure should be implemented gradually, perhaps by 5-10 percent a year, but consistently, Marjanovic writes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the only one who has not been touched upon by the sanctions, although he is responsible for all the crimes of Russian foreign policy in the past months and years, Petra Prochazkova writes in Lidove noviny (LN).

As the head of state, Putin has given so many powers to himself that without his participation and consent nothing is possible, she adds.

Despite this, yesterday he could celebrate on the territory of a neighbouring country, he grabbed by military force, without any punishment, Prochazkova writes.

Unlike Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko, Putin has pursued an imperial foreign policy, she adds.

Lukashenko is rightly on the sanction list. However, he should only occupy the second, not the first place, Prochazkova writes.

It should be put clearly: it should be distinguished between Russian society, war victims and regimes with their embassies, Zbynek Petracek writes in LN, commenting on former president Vaclav Klaus's having attended the reception on Victory Day at the Russian embassy that has outraged his critics.

The Russians but also Ukrainians and others who defeated Nazism should be paid respects, Petracek writes.

On the other hand, the public should condemn such regimes as that commanded by Stalin and it should be wary of the new Russian arrogance and lust for power, he adds.

It is threatening that under the sign of the Saint George ribbon Russia will collect its dividends from the 1945 victory all the time and everywhere where Russians, Ukrainians and the rest left their war dead, Petracek writes.

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