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09.04.2014 07:35

Prague - Andrej Babis, ANO leader and Czech finance minister, played the role of a good wizard from a fairy tale when he announced on Monday that he reached an agreement with the owners of the Paskov coal mine on its extended operation, Alexandr Mitrofanov says in daily Pravo today.


Ministr financí Andrej Babiš. ČTK Šimánek Vít

Thanks to the brave and good businessman Babis the Czechs have an excellent deal, while the bad and ridiculous politicians fail - this seems like a story for small children, Mitrofanov writes.

But on Tuesday the bad Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mladek (Social Democrats, CSSD) said the agreement on the unprofitable mine is not yet complete, Mitrofanov notes.

Welcome back from a fairy tale to reality! he says.

Andrej Babis is similar to Vaclav Klaus, Karel Skrabal says in Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) in connection with Babis´s actions in the Paskov mine case.

Babis has an uncompromising style and he act on his own. He is a political predators - of the same kind as Klaus was, Skrabal writes.

He says now that Klaus has become weak, nobody takes him seriously and they are glad that he lost his influence.

Klaus and Babis have probably been admired by more or less the same groups of people: an uncompromising fighter is often admired by those who believe that the fighter is fighting on their behalf because they do not dare to fight themselves, Skrabal writes.

Petr Honzejk writes in Hospodarske noviny (HN) that the proposed limits for campaigns before the general election are a good idea, but they may not help at all.

The proposed limit of 100 million crowns is close to the official costs of the campaigns of big parties. This would mean that smaller parties would still be disadvantaged by this limit because they would not be able to invest so much money in their campaigns, Honzejk writes.

However, even a lower limit for campaigns would be pointless, unless the real costs can be checked, Honzejk says.

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