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18.04.2014 07:26

Prague - Czech Education Minister Marcel Chladek´s proposal that teachers and particularly educators in institutes for children with behavioural problems, should have the status of protected person can only be welcome, Rostislav Matulik writes in daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) today.


Ilustrační foto - Ministr školství Marcel Chládek (ČSSD). ČTK Šimánek Vít

Not that particularly aggressive individuals would be afraid of stricter punishments and reduce their attacks, but to know what children at elementary schools dare to do to their teachers suffices to comprehend how difficult it is to be a teacher at present. Sixty-eight attacks on teachers and educators speak for themselves, Matulik writes.

But Chladek´s proposal could at least reduce the frustration of the institutes´ personnel who are overtly afraid of the inmates and they transfer their fear to them. If the teachers have the feeling that they are more protected, the situation in the institutes will improve, Matulik writes.

The main thing is, however, that the state´s activity do not stop at this administrative-legislative step. It is necessary to ensure that the training of quality institute teachers and quality supervision. Chladek promises this. It is to be wished that this is not an initiative connected with one minister only, Matulik writes.

The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (USTR), which is to examine the history with the help of the archives of the former StB secret police, has been spending most time on itself, and this will continue under the new director, Zdenek Hazdra, elected this week, Jiri Pehe writes in Pravo.

The reason is that the institute was badly construed. Instead of being a really "public benefit" institution, it was created as a political institution, whose council that chooses the institute´s director, is elected by the upper house of parliament, Senate, Pehe writes.

He writes that the best politicians could do for the institute is to build it anew, on entirely different bases.

Whatever its new architecture may be like, the institute can only function if politicians and their related clans do not meddle in it, Pehe writes.

"The friend of my enemy is my friend," this is the logic which Czech President Milos Zeman and Finance Minister Andrej Babis, ANO movement chairman, evidently follow, Lukas Jelinek writes elsewhere in Pravo.

Both are connected by their uniqueness - Zeman in politics, Babis in business, and they have one clear common "enemy," or Prime Minisster Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD), Jelinek writes.

Zeman would not probably be against Sobotka leaving politics after this year´s three elections, if the CSSD failed in them, while Babis needs Sobotka, but Sobotka who is weak, Jelinek writes.

It would be normal if Sobotka were backed in his mother CSSD at least. But is that so? Does he manage to meet his rank-and-file? His colleagues in the party´s board are also burdened with their own agenda. Governors, including Sobotka´s party rivals (Michal Hasek), Zeman touring regions and Babis giving people work are closer to people. This does not look well for Sobotka, Jelinek writes.

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