Czech Greens, Pirates file complaints against EP polls


06.06.2014 16:44

Brno - The extra-parliamentary Greens (SZ) and the Czech Pirate Party filed complaints against the results of the May European Parliament (EP) election with the Supreme Administrative Court (NSS) today, the parties´ representatives have said.


Ilustrační foto - Předseda zelených Ondřej Liška (na archivním snímku z 22. dubna 2014) podle informací ČTK k 8. červnu rezignuje. Důvodem je především neúspěch strany v evropských volbách, v nichž získala 3,77 procenta hlasů a zůstala bez mandátu. ČTK Krumphanzl Michal

They questioned the 5-percent parliamentary threshold applied in the EP polls.

The Pirates at the same time proposed a precaution to prevent the State Electoral Commission from issuing an election confirmation to some MEPs.

The Pirate Party primarily argues in its complaint that there is no legitimate reason for a 5-percent limit for the EP´s entry since the election of a high number of parties would not cause its instability, Mikulas Ferjencik, from the Pirates´ media section, said.

"The European Parliament is not forming a government. Moreover, some Czech MEPs from various parties end up in the same EP group. And the number of EP groups have long been stable," Ferjencik told CTK.

The Pirates won 4.78 percent of the vote in the EP polls.

They originally wanted to lodge their complaint directly with the Constitutional Court (US). Ferjencik said they expected the NSS to pass it on to the US.

The Greens would also like to bring their case to the US. They said this week they would mainly argue with their right to one MEP in view of the votes they received.

"While about 50,000 votes sufficed for the election of one Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) MEP, not even 57,000 votes were enough for the Greens to have a representative in the European Parliament," outgoing Greens chairman Ondrej Liska said.

The Greens gained 3.77 percent of the vote.

Parties could question the EP election´s results by 16:00 today. The court´s panel must decide on the complaints within a 20-day deadline.

The government ANO of billionaire businessman Andrej Babis won the EP election in the Czech Republic with 16.13 percent of the vote, followed by opposition TOP 09 (15.95) and the senior ruling Social Democrats (CSSD) (14.17). The opposition Communists (10.98), the junior government KDU-CSL (9.95), the opposition Civic Democrats (ODS; 7.67) and the extra-parliamentary Free Citizens Party (5.24) also entered the EP.

The turnout of 18.2 percent has been the lowest of all national elections held in the country to date.

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