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Miliardář Andrej Babiš, předseda hnutí ANO a vlastník společností Agrofert a MAFRA.

published: 02.01.2014, 18:11 | updated: 02.01.2014 18:51:02

Prague - Andrej Babis, a businessman and the chairman of the ANO movement, is the most powerful person in the Czech media world, according to the list of the 50 most influential people in the Czech media published in the January issue of the Czech version of the Forbes magazine.

Babis is followed by Petr Dvorak, director general of public service broadcaster Czech Television (CT), on Forbes's list.

Businessmen Daniel Kretinsky and Patrik Tkac, who have recently become the new owners of publisher Ringier Axel Springer, share the third and fourth positions.

In 2013, the most influential person in Czech media by Forbes's ranking was Adrian Sarbu, the then chief executive of media group CME which controls the Nova television group.

Babis has also made the fastest advance among media players, according to Forbes.

As the publisher of minor free daily paper 5+2, he was a novice on the list last year, but in 2013 he became the owner of media group MAFRA, publishing nationwide dailies MF DNES and Lidove noviny, and also acquired radio station Impuls which has the biggest audience share in the Czech Republic.

The acquisition of Radio Impuls is yet to be approved by the antitrust office UOHS.

There are eight entrepreneurs in the top ten of the list who are or will become media owners. This means that a large part of the media is being transferred under the control of Czech capital, which is an entirely new situation for the Czech society, Forbes said.

Last year's winner Sarbu resigned from the post of CME's president and CEO in August last year. He will receive a severance payment of $5.4m.

Ranking on the Forbes list is determined by the influence exerted by the particular media, which the magazine evaluates based on viewer ratings, audience share and circulation.

Another criterion is the extent of control over the media's content and operation from the position of the owner or within the management.

Babis is the founder and owner of food, agricultural and chemicals group Agrofert.

The ANO movement received 18.65 percent of the vote in the early general election in October last year, trailing Social Democrats (CSSD) who obtained 20.45 percent.

The movement, the CSSD and Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) are likely to form the new government in which Babis will probably become the finance minister and deputy prime minister for economic affairs.

List of most influential persons in Czech media:

1. Andrej Babis owner; AGF Media, Mafra, Impuls
2. Petr Dvorak director general; CT
3.-4. Daniel Kretinsky, Patrik Tkac new owners; Ringier Axel Springer CZ
5. Jaromir Soukup owner; Empresa Media, Medea
6. Zdenek Bakala owner; Economia, Centrum Holdings
7. Ivo Lukacovic owner;
8. Ivan Zach co-owner; TV Prima
9. Michel Fleischmann president; Lagardere Active CR
10. Frantisek Savov owner; Mlada fronta
11. Christoph Mainusch CEO; TV Nova, CME
12. Libuse Smuclerova CEO; Ringier Axel Springer CZ
13. Stepan Kosik CEO; AGF Media, Mafra
14. Petra Fundova executive; Burda Media 2000
15. Marek Singer vice-president; MTG
16. Alena Cerna executive; Bauer Media
17. Zdenek Porybny co-owner; Borgis
18. Kamil Cermak CEO; Economia
19. Pavel Zima CEO;
20. Petr Duhan CEO; Cesky rozhlas
21. Jiri Majstr CEO; CTK
22. Jiri Hrabak CEO; Impuls
23. David Stogel deputy CEO; TV Nova
24. Martin Konrad CEO; TV Prima
25. Radek Lain editor-in-chief; Blesk, Aha!
26. Martin Svehlak director of news desk; TV Nova
27. David Hurta CEO; Mlada fronta
28. Vladimir Zelezny CEO; TV Barrandov
29. Milan Fridrich programme director; CT
30. Vladimir Piskacek head of editor desks; Economia
31. Zdenek Samal director of news; CT 24
32. Jitka Bosakova CEO; Vltava Labe Press
33. Sabina Slonkova editor-in-chief; MF Dnes
34. Jiri Kubik director of editorial team; MF Dnes
35. Jitka Obzinova director of news; TV Prima
36. Tomas Skrivanek director of division; Euro; E15
37. Pavel Safr editor-in-chief; Reflex
38. Frantisek Nachtigall editor-in-chief; Tyden
39. Martin Jasminsky editor-in-chief; Hospodarske noviny
40. Istvan Leko editor-in-chief; Lidove noviny
41. Petr Mrzena director of news; CT
42. Tatana Le Moigne CEO; Google CR
43. Jan Lopatka director; Thomson Reuters CR
44. Veselin Vackov director of editorial team; Lidove noviny
45. Alex Ruzek director of television channels and programme; TV Nova
46. Agnieszka Dolezych CEO; Sanoma Media
47. Miroslav Motejlek co-owner;
48. Erik Tabery editor-in-chief; Respekt
49. Leos Mares presenter
50. Vaclav Moravec presenter CT

Source: Forbes


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