ForMin assures China Czechs do not support Tibet´s independence


29.04.2014 07:53

Beijing - Tibet is an inseparable part of China and the Czech Republic does not support its independence in any form, says a statement the Czech and Chinese foreign ministers, Lubomir Zaoralek and Wang Yi, respectively signed today.


Ilustrační foto - Český ministr zahraničí Lubomír Zaorálek hovoří s novináři 14. dubna v Lucemburku při příchodu na jednání šéfů diplomacií EU. ČTK Dospiva Jakub

Both countries assured one another that they will not interfere in the other state´s internal affairs and they supported human rights protection.

The statement says the two sides respect the paths of development they have chosen with regard for the situation in the two countries and their home and foreign policies. They reiterated the observance of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs as set down in the U.N. Charter.

The Czech Republic respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People´s Republic of China, it is fully aware of the importance and sensitivity of the Tibet issue, the statement says.

It says the Czech Republic has again confirmed that it sticks to its policy of one China and that Tibet is an inseparable part of Chinese territory.

In this connection, the Czech Republic does not support the independence of Tibet in any form, the statement says.

China annexed Tibet in the 1950s and Tibet is now an autonomous part of it.

The Tibet issue provoked a debate in the Czech Republic before Zaoralek´s (Social Democrats, CSSD) visit to China, where he arrived on Monday. The opposition accused the left-centre coalition government of Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD) of having traded the defence of human rights in China for its money, which Zaoralek resolutely dismissed.

"By no means are we swapping anything for something," Zaoralek told journalists during his flight to China.

He said no past Czech government, not even during the tenure of president Vaclav Havel, was striving for Tibet´s secession from China.

"We have always respected this status," Zaoralek said.

He repeatedly stressed that the prepared joint statement with China will also include a passage about respect for human rights.

The statement eventually says both countries again confirmed their effort at support and protection of human rights based on equality and mutual respect.

The Czech Republic and China also expressed their wish to reinforce their dialogue and to promote cooperation in the spheres of science and technologies, education, energy, agriculture and tourism.

Both countries want to increase their bilateral investments, encourage further growth of trade, they will call on their firms to invest in the other country, and they will exert effort at creating favourable conditions for bilateral cooperation, says the statement on economic cooperation, which the Czech Republic would like to strengthen with China.


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