Czech regions support Rusnok´s government


05.08.2013 13:52

Prague - The Association of Czech Regions today supported confidence in the caretaker government of Jiri Rusnok and asked all deputies to vote for it, association chairman Michal Hasek (Social Democrats, CSSD) has told reporters.


Předseda AKČR Michal Hašek, jihočeský hejtman Jiří Zimola (vpravo) a plzeňský hejtman Milan Chovanec (vlevo) vystoupili 5.srpna v Praze na tiskové konferenci Asociace krajů ČR k jednání Poslanecké sněmovny o důvěře vládě Jiřího Rusnoka. ČTK Kamaryt Michal

Twelve out of 14 regional governors, 11 from the Social Democrats (CSSD) and one Communist (KSCM), voted for the resolution.

Both the CSSD and KSCM are considering voting confidence in Rusnok's team.

Prague Mayor Tomas Hudecek (TOP 09) voted against the resolution and Liberec Governor Martin Puta (Mayors for Liberec Region) did not vote today. However, Puta expressed his disagreement with Rusnok´s cabinet earlier.

"I perceive the regional governors´ support to the government of Jiri Rusnok as a step in the interest of the Czech Republic and its inhabitants," Hasek, CSSD first deputy chairman, said.

Rusnok´s caretaker government is a much better partner for cooperation for the regions than the former centre-right coalition government of the Civic Democrats (ODS), TOP 09 and LIDEM, Hasek added.

The regions´ association deputy heads, Jiri Zimola a Milan Chovanec, share this opinion.

The regions say in the resolution they do not want "the protraction of the moral, economic and political crisis" and they express support to Rusnok´s government.

On behalf of the governors, Hasek will today address all parties in parliament and unaffiliated MPs in a letter to call on them to vote confidence in the caretaker cabinet.

However, the governors will not seek votes for Rusnok personally.

Puta rejected the governors´ resolution on Friday. He accused Hasek of politicising the Association of Czech Regions. This is at variance with its statutes, Puta said.

Hudecek said this was a power struggle that would not benefit the regions.

Hasek rejected such opinions. He said the regions should comment on the country´ fundamental issues.

Hasek said today he cannot imagine the CSSD deputies walking out from the session room during the confidence vote, which CSSD chairman Bohuslav Sobotka would like to propose.

He said the Social Democrats should express a clear opinion.

The Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of parliament, will take a vote of confidence in Rusnok´s government at its session opening on August 7.

It is unclear whether the caretaker government, which President Milos Zeman appointed against the will of most parties in parliament, would win the parliament's confidence.

A simple majority of votes in its support is needed for the government to win the confidence of the 200-seat Chamber. At least two MPs will not take part in the vote, one being in custody and another one serving a prison sentence.

The two coalition parties, the ODS and TOP 09, will definitely not vote confidence in Rusnok's team. The smallest coalition party, LIDEM, will probably join them.

The Social Democrats, Communists and Public Affairs (VV) are yet to decide on their stances during the confidence vote.

The ODS and TOP 09 command 92 votes, the CSSD, the KSCM and the VV have 91 votes in total. Consequently, the votes of the remaining 17 deputies, including eight for LIDEM, who are not members of any deputy group or are unaffiliated, will play a significant role.


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