Czech CSSD board, including head Sobotka, supports Rusnok


06.08.2013 15:58

Prague - The inner leadership of the Czech opposition Social Democrats (CSSD) today unequivocally recommended to its lawmakers to vote confidence in Jiri Rusnok´s caretaker government as a way to an early election.


Statutární místopředseda ČSSD Michal Hašek (vlevo) a předseda strany Bohumil Sobotka 6. srpna v Praze při jednání poslaneckého klubu a předsednictva ČSSD o podpoře vlády Jiřího Rusnoka. ČTK Doležal Michal

The proposal was made by party chairman Bohuslav Sobotka who has been against support to the caretaker government to date.

It is most probable that the recommendation will be upheld by the party presidium and deputy group that will meet later today.

The CSSD deputy group has 54 members.

Earlier today, the opposition Public Affairs (VV) that has 11 members said it will support Rusnok´s government.

"The CSSD presidium recommends to the deputies elected for the CSSD to support the government of Jiri Rusnok in the forthcoming confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies, which is one of possible ways towards pushing through an early election and also an opportunity to postpone the return of the compromised government coalition of the Civic Democrats (ODS) and TOP 09 to government still before a general election is held," says a resolution the board approved.

Sobotka said the vote in favour of Rusnok does not amount to "support to the steps that would weaken the parliamentary system of governance in the country in the future and lead to the introduction of the presidential system," Sobotka said.

Previously, Sobotka repeatedly warned a government that did not arose from elections would not have sufficient legitimacy.

Sobotka said the CSSD, three of whose members have suspended party membership over their participation in Rusnok´s government, remains in opposition.

The resolution says the CSSD´s priority is an early general election, which is the best solution to the crisis.

"CSSD deputies will propose or support a vote on dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies so that the election can be held by the end of 2013 if it is feasible to win the necessary number of votes for the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies," the resolution says.

Sobotka is to negotiate about such a solution with the other parties.

The CSSD also wants to start negotiating with the other parties about necessary changes to the constitution that would specify more precisely the powers of individual constitutional institutions with the aim of preserving the parliamentary system in the country.

The party wants to set deadlines for the president by which to appoint governments and also to introduce co-responsibility of other constitutional institutions for the appointment of members of the central bank´s banking council, among others.


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