Zeman signs bill to speed up infrastructure projects


13.08.2014 14:56

Prague - President Milos Zeman today signed a bill aimed at speeding up transport, water and energy infrastructure projects under which the state will be able to increase the estimated price of agricultural and forest land for road and motorway construction up to sixteen-fold.


Silnice, nová silnice, opravená silnice, dálnice - ilustrační foto. ČTK Peřina Luděk

If the owners decide to sell agricultural land they may get up to Kc525 per square metre as a bonus to the price set by an expert. Now they get double the estimated price, that is Kc8 to Kc35 per square metre of agricultural land.

The amendment to the law on agriculture including the law on the State Agricultural Intervention Fund, signed by Zeman today, responds to changes to the Common Agricultural Policy and also modifies land use and registration, said Zeman's spokesman Jiri Ovcacek.

Zeman signed a bill on railways which extends an opt-out from the EU directive to 2019 and relieves rail operators of the duty to pay compensation if trains are delayed by more than one hour, Ovcacek said.

Railway companies have no chance to influence delays over construction work on domestic railroads, he explained. The opt-out was to expire in December this year.

Zeman signed into a law a bill giving the green light for a register of places collecting used electrical appliances whose adoption had been required by the European Union, Ovcacek said.

The bill aims to transpose into the Czech legislation the EU directive on the waste electrical and electronic equipment which took effect in 2012.

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