Zeman´s office head Mynar not to attend NATO summit in Britain


29.08.2014 10:14

Prague - Czech President Milos Zeman´s office head Vratislav Mynar, who lacks the required security vetting, will not attend the NATO summit in Britain next week, he told CTK today, though on Thursday he said on Czech Television he would go to the summit and that he can accompany the president everywhere.


Vedoucí Kanceláře prezidenta republiky Vratislav Mynář při setkání se zástupci médií 7. srpna v Praze. ČTK Šimánek Vít

Mynar told CTK that he had been long scheduled to visit the Prague-seated National Security Office (NBU) in early September.

"In view of my long-planned visit to the NBU, I have never planned to attend the NATO summit," Mynar said.

He applied for the NBU´s security vetting, that would enable him to handle top secret information, last December. The deadline for the NBU to decide on such applications is nine months, but it can prolong the deadline twice.

It is not clear whether Mynar will gain the vetting. According to the media, the NBU dislikes his contacts as a businessman.

Mynar has repeatedly dismissed this.

To enter the NATO summit premises, a person needs security vetting for the secret level (the second strictest) at least.

"One actually cannot join the summit without the vetting," Czech Defence Ministry spokesman Jan Pejsek told Czech Television.

An about 30-member delegation will represent the Czech Republic at the NATO summit.

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