White tiger born in Czech zoo after two years


02.06.2014 11:52

Liberec - A white tiger was born on Friday in the Liberec zoo, which started to keep this special form of the Bengal tiger in 1994, since when it has succeeded in breeding the animal in 2002 and 2012, zoo spokesman Ivan Langr said today.


V liberecké zoo se narodilo 30. května ráno mládě bílých tygrů. ČTK Zoo Liberec

He said the fresh young, though it is still blind, rolled out from the birth room to the large internal living quarters about one and a half hours after birth, which allowed the keepers to take a few mobile phone photos of a young white tiger on the first day of its life, which they were unable to do anytime before.

This was a third birth for Surya Bara, whose sponsor is javelin Olympic winner Bara Spotakova.

V liberecké zoo se narodilo 30. května ráno mládě bílých tygrů.

In 2011, however, Surya did not take care of the young and they died soon. In July 2012, she gave birth to males Sambura and Liama and female Gaia, who are no longer in the Liberec zoo, which does not have enough space to keep them and at the same time allow for the birth of further young.

A mere several dozens of white tigers live in the world. They are artificially bred and they would not survive in the wild. The tiger comes from India and its white colouring is due to a partial albinism.

From the breeding point of view the white tigers are not too valuable, but they are popular and attract many people to zoos, which helps protect endangered species.

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