Westinghouse disappointed at cancellation of Temelin tender


14.04.2014 15:15

Prague - Westinghouse Electric Company is disappointed at Czech power utility CEZ's decision to cancel the tender procedure for extension of the Temelin nuclear power plant in its final stage, Westinghouse told CTK today.


Jaderná elektrárna Temelín. ČTK Štěrba Martin, Fotobanka ČTK

According to Westinghouse, the decision will delay further development of Czech companies as they could have the chance to take part in the construction of other nuclear power plants in Europe. The decision will also have a negative impact on job creation in the Czech Republic, Westinghouse said.

The other bidder in the tender was Czech-Russian consortium MIR.1200.

CEZ CEO Daniel Benes said last week the extension of Temelin is impossible without state guarantees. The cancellation of the tender procedure does not, however, mean the end of preparations for a future extension of Temelin.

The market risk of the investment in Temelin's new blocks would be too high without a state support or guarantees by the state, Benes said.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said earlier it wants to continue developing nuclear energy in the Czech Republic but without any kind of state guarantees.

According to Westinghouse, CEZ's decision means a rejection of important security, environmental and economic benefits which Westinghouse's AP1000 technology brings.

The share of Czech companies in the Westinghouse project would be of fundamental importance and the cooperation would bring contracts worth billions of crowns and jobs for thousands of people all over the country, Westinghouse vice-president Jeff Benjamin said.

Westinghouse said in a press release it is ready to hold talks about other possibilities enabling the Czech Republic to benefit from Westinghouse's technological solution.

Two new units were to double Temelin's 2,000 megawatts capacity. The project worth several hundred billion crowns was to be completed in 2025. The new reactors were to be in operation for 60 years.

CEZ is around 70 percent owned by the state via the Finance Ministry.

CEZ's net profit fell by an annual rate of 12.3 percent to Kc35.2bn last year.

Westinghouse's technology forms the basis of about one half of all nuclear power plants operating in the world, including more than 50 percent of plants located in Europe.

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