Weapons at Palestine´s embassy are from 1970-80s - Czech police


06.02.2014 19:36

Prague - The weapons found at Palestine´s embassy in Prague in early January, when an explosion killed the Palestinian ambassador, originate from the 1970s and the 1980s and have not been used for criminal purposes, Czech police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova said today, citing the investigators.


Palestinský chargé d'affaires v Praze Džadalláh Sabatín (vlevo) a ředitel odboru Blízkého východu a severní Afriky ministerstva zahraničí Jiří Ellinger se 6. února účastnili zasedání zastupitelstva Prahy-Suchdol o palestinském velvyslanectví. Výbuch v jeho nové budově v Suchdole 1. ledna 2014 smrtelně zranil velvyslance Džamála Muhammada Džamála. ČTK Burian Michal

She said the police have received experts´ opinions from various branches related to arms and explosives.

"Ballistic tests of the seized weapons have ruled out their identity with tracks uncovered in the case of as yet uncleared crimes committed in the Czech Republic," Zoulova said.

Citing the experts, she said the weapons that the police seized in the embassy´s new seat in Prague-Suchdol after the fatal explosion originate in the 1970s and the 1980s.

"The enquiry into the case continues, as do further expert assessments," she said, adding that the results can be expected in the weeks to come.

A safe explosion killed the ambassador Jamal al Jamal on January 1. Afterwards the police uncovered illegally kept firearms in the embassy building.

The Palestinians apologised for keeping the weapons. They said the firearms originate from the era of Czechoslovakia and have never been used.

The fatal blast occurred after Jamal opened a safe. The Czech police investigate the case as neglect killing and illegal possession of arms.

Jamal´s daughter, nevertheless, mentioned the possibility of her father having been assassinated.

The Palestinian mission moved to its brand-new seat from elsewhere in Prague only recently.

Its spokesman Nabil Fahel today said the new building has received a use permit, as a result of which the diplomats and the other staff can move in and the mission can start working.

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