Volume of Czech tax arrears grows to Kc149bn at end-2013


17.01.2014 16:18

Prague - The Czech Financial Administration registered tax arrears of almost Kc149bn at the end of 2013, which was Kc14.2bn more than a year earlier, Petra Petlachova, spokeswoman of the General Financial Directorate, told CTK today.


Peníze, bankovky, česká měna, koruna, úspory - ilustrační foto. ČTK Zavoral Libor

The total amount of tax arrears has been accumulating since 1990. It includes all taxes, that is also tax arrears left from the old tax system.

The Financial Administration recorded the highest arrears value of Kc96.5bn for VAT at end-2013. The value of VAT arrears grew by 17 percent year-on-year last year.

The arrears of real estate tax, for example, were also higher last year than in 2012.

In contrast, corporate income tax arrears dropped by 3 percent to Kc21.16bn in 2013.

The arrears of tax on the income of the self-employed, real estate transfer tax and excise duties are also falling, data from the Financial Administration show.

Development of tax arrears in 2009-2013 (in Kc millions):

Value added tax48,01957,33768,72582,50596,527
Excise duties1,5601,106935968904
Corporate income tax16,66817,50519,10921,87221,155
Special-rate withholding tax on income304311358382438
Road tax1,2491,3461,5211,6141,692
Inheritance tax101010109
Gift tax171172159148136
Real estate transfer tax3,5033,2703,2092,9622,844
Other payments, fines and fees5,3243,8573,7674,6497,064
Other cancelled taxes to state budget2,1912,1031,786958897
Tax on incomes of self-employed,14,34014,36414,28413,73712,298
Individual income tax4,0994,0533,9743,8113,679
Real estate tax9029019549551,030
Other cancelled taxes to local budgets602820162

Source: Financial Administration

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