Unknown protester rewrites Russia-linked names of Prague streets


14.03.2014 13:58

Prague - An unknown perpetrator has "renamed" several streets in Prague whose names are linked to Ukraine, Crimea and other countries and regions with a strong Russian minority in reaction to the Russian´s invasion of Crimea.


Proukrajinští demonstranté s obří vlajkou země protestují v Charkově. ČTK/AP Segey Kozlov

Focusing on streets named after Crimea, Sevastopol, the Black Sea, Estonia etc, the "author" covered the signs with their names with stickers with the inscription "Russian?", probably in order to indicate where Russia may focus its attention next time.

Jan Charvat, spokesman for the Prague 10 district where the streets are situated, told CTK that no one had informed the town hall about the incident so far.

"After we find the streets in question, we will seek a remedy," Charvat said.

If the signs with street names were heavily damaged, the Prague 10 town hall would have to file a criminal complaint against an unknown perpetrator. As they have been only covered with stickers, their restoring is unlikely to cost much, however, Charvat said.

Several days ago, people similarly changed the name of a tram stop from "Crimea Street" to "Russia Street."

"If we continue watching inactively, further stops can be renamed similarly anywhere along the East-West line," the step´s unknown initiator explained on a poster in the centre of Prague, probably warning against the threat of Russian expansion.

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