Unemployment in CR stagnates at 7.4 pct in July


08.08.2014 11:18

Prague - Unemployment in the Czech Republic stagnated at June's 7.4 percent in July, while the number of vacancies grew by almost 11,000 year-on-year, the Employment Office said today.


Nezaměstnaní na úřadu práce. ČTK-AP

Employment offices registered 541,364 job seekers in July.

The situation on the labour market was influenced by seasonal work and economic recovery, the Employment Office said.

Nezaměstnanost v Česku v červenci zůstala na 7,4 procenta. Bez práce bylo 541.364 lidí, uvedl dnes Úřad práce.

Analysts expected unemployment to rise to 7.5 percent in July.

The number of vacancies has been growing for several months in a row.

In the months to come, unemployment could stagnate or slightly increase at most as school-leavers will arrive on the labour market and seasonal work will gradually end, the Employment Office said.

Unemployment has been falling since January when it reached 8.6 percent. Employment offices registered 629,274 job seekers in January, the highest number in the Czech Republic's history.

If unemployment increases, it should not reach last year's levels, Employment Office director Marie Bilkova said.

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