Ukrainians protest against Yanukovich in Prague


26.01.2014 15:44

Prague - Over 400 Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic supported protests against President Viktor Yanukovych's government in a march through Prague today.


Smuteční průvod na připomenutí obětí protivládních demonstrací na Ukrajině prošel 26. ledna od kostela Nejsvětějšího Salvátora na Staroměstské náměstí v Praze. ČTK Šulová Kateřina

During the march, they paid respects to the victims of anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine.

They made a cross from lit-up candles, bowed the flags and said the Lord's Prayer.

During the march, they chanted slogans such as "Glory to Heroes," "We are for Struggle against Yanukovych's Dictatorship" and "Ukraine Wants to Europe."

They carried the photographs documenting the detention of wounded people in hospitals and brutal police intervention against demonstrators not only in Kiev, but also in other parts of the country to which the rebellion has spread in the past days.

In their speeches, they said Yanukovych was fighting against his own people that demands fundamental human rights, being able to bring sacrifices for this.

"Ukrainians do not want to be within the newly built Soviet Union as they had tragic experience with it," one of the speakers said.

According to the March 2011 census, there were 117,810 Ukrainians in the 10.5 million Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is among the countries for which Ukrainians have been heading in search for jobs and better life conditions.

A total of 13,804 Ukrainians asked for international protection in the Czech Republic between 1990 and 2010. Asylum was granted to 171.

The Ukrainian minority is officially acknowledged in the Czech Republic. It has its representative in the government council for ethnic minorities.

In the Czech Republic, there are four main Ukrainian organisations and a number of small ones. They stage cultural events and publish two magazines.

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