U.S. writer Dan Brown awarded for his bestseller in Prague


15.01.2014 21:28

Prague - Best-selling U.S. fiction writer Dan Brown received a Czech bookstore´s award for the bestseller of the decade for his novel The Da Vinci Code, that was sold in over 100,000 copies in the Czech translation, in Prague today, during his first visit to the city.


Americký spisovatel Dan Brown převzal 15. ledna v Praze cenu knihkupectví Palác knih Luxor za nejprodávanější knihu desetiletí, kterou je Šifra mistra Leonarda/Da Vinciho kód. ČTK Doležal Michal

Brown is officially in Prague with his wife on holiday. However, speculations emerged saying he was looking for an inspiration for his next book in the Czech capital.

Brown has seen a number of historical landmarks in Prague, including the Jewish Town. He is particularly interested in Jewish culture, he said at a press conference in the afternoon.

He is to leave on Friday morning.

At the press meeting, Brown was given the Book of the Year 2013 prize for his latest novel Inferno from the Slovak Ikar publisher´s that sold it in 75,000 copies.

Brown has written six novels: Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Angels&Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol and Inferno.

His books have been translated into 52 languages and sold all over the world in more than 200 million copies.

In the Czech Republic all of his novels have been published by the Argo publishing house since 2005.

The Czech translation of his latest bestseller Inferno appeared on the market on September 18 and since then 100,000 copies have been sold.

The Da Vini Code was also immensely popular and Argo has already reprinted it several times.

Only few authors scored such a success on the Czech book market in the past. Among them were British Joanne Rowling with the Harry Potter books and most recently E. L. James with The Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels that were also sold in over 100,000 copies each.

However, a bestseller is counted from 10,000 sold copies in the Czech Republic and the books that may be commercially successful are published in 10,000-20,000 copies first.

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