Tuhy is new Czech police president, interior ministers announced


13.04.2014 13:01

Prague - Current Czech deputy police president Tomas Tuhy is new police chief, Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said on Czech Television (CT) he appointed him on Saturday.


Ministr vnitra Milan Chovanec a první náměstek policejního prezidenta Tomáš Tuhý (vlevo) vystoupili 28. března v Praze na tiskové konferenci k bezpečnosti při fotbalových utkáních. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

The post of the police president was vacant from March, when Chovanec confirmed the dismissal of Martin Cervicek was valid.

After that Tuhy was assigned to temporarily head the police.

"The Czech police need stability, a clear leadership, a clear head, and it has had it since Saturday," Chovanec said in the Questions of Vaclav Moravec on CT.

Tuhy is to head a newly formed group to fight tax evasion together with the directors of the financial and customs administrations.

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