Three quarters of Czechs say public offices are corrupt - poll


02.04.2014 09:50

Prague - Seventy-five percent of Czechs believe that a majority or almost all public officials are corrupt and only a mere 2 percent say corruption in the public administration is rare, according to a CVVM public opinion poll, the results of which have just been released.


Úplatek, korupce, bankovky, obálka s penězi - ilustrační foto. CTK Horázný Josef, Fotobanka ČTK

Citizens consider political parties and ministries the most corrupt institutions in the country.

The figures have not markedly changed in the past few years. Last year, 73 percent of people were convinced that most public officials are corrupt, which is 2 percent less than this year.

Eighteen percent of people believe that less than a half of public officials are corrupt, the same figure like last year.

Supporters of the left and people who say their living standards are bad are convinced of corruption in the public administration more often.

Corruption in particular institutions was assessed on a 1 - 5 scale, with 5 standing for the highest rate of corruption.

Political parties received an average mark of 4.26, followed by ministries and central offices with 3.91 and construction offices with 3.75. Regional authorities and police also received marks crossing the 3 point level.

Only two institutions were assessed with a mark better than 3. The sphere of education was given 2.58 and banks and financial institutions 2.92. The third least corrupt institutions is the military, according to the questioned.

The poll was conducted on 1061 people between March 3 and 10.

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