Temelin could run for one year without supplies of Russian fuel


04.09.2014 12:07

Temelin - Potential interruption of Russian nuclear fuel supplies due to the conflict in Ukraine should not endanger nuclear power plant Temelin which has reserves for one year, Daniel Benes, CEO of power company CEZ, said today during a visit to Temelin with Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Belobradek.


Pohled na chladicí věže a rozvod elekřiny od turbosoustrojí prvního bloku jaderné elektrárny Temelín. ČTK Pancer Václav

"We have nuclear fuel for one year of operation so this is nothing dramatic that we would be unable to solve," Benes told journalists.

The government has dealt with potential complications concerning supplies of nuclear fuel, Belobradek said, adding that the government has also discussed potential shortfall in other imported commodities.

"Crisis scenarios are prepared, it is a matter of security and strategy. I can assure everyone that nothing acute can happen," Belobradek said.

Především o propojení vědy a výzkumu s energetikou diskutoval 4. září v areálu jaderné elektrárny Temelín místopředseda vlády Pavel Bělobrádek (vpravo) se zastupiteli společnosti ČEZ. Na snímku vlevo je generální ředitel ČEZ Daniel Beneš, spolu s Bělobrádkem procházejí turbosoustrojím prvního bloku elektrárny.

Belobradek talked in Temelin with CEZ reps in particular about interconnection of science and research with the energy sector.

A working group will be formed to deal with the whole nuclear energy sector in a complex way, he said.

"We need educated people who will constantly work on raising the effectiveness and possibilities of use of all forms of energy," Belobradek declared.

The issue of handling spent nuclear fuel was also addressed, as was the best way for further development of renewable energy sources.

Temelin ended outage of the first unit a few days ago. Thanks to modernisation, its output should be raised by 2 percent and reach a record 1,078 MWe. Before the outage, the first unit´s output was 1,056 MWe.

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