State provides incentives to 84 foreign companies in H1


16.07.2014 11:13

Prague - State investment incentives were provided to 84 foreign companies in the first half of this year, thanks to which 10,000 new jobs can be created, Industry and Trade Minister Mladek said after a visit by Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka to the ministry today.


Ministr průmyslu a obchodu Jan Mládek (pravo) vystoupil 16. července na svém úřadě v Praze na tiskové konferenci s premiérem Bohuslavem Sobotkou. ČTK Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu ČR

"The Industry and Trade Ministry also provided incentives to 52 domestic companies, which we expect to create further more than 4,000 new jobs," Mladek said.

According to Mladek, the state will continue developing nuclear energy.

The draft of a new state energy strategy, being prepared by the Industry and Trade Ministry and the Finance Ministry, should be ready by the beginning of next year, Sobotka said.

The government is to discuss the draft energy strategy by the end of this year.

Mladek also mentioned the construction of new units of the Temelin nuclear power plant. "At this moment, nothing has been decided as to whether CEZ or another state-run company or joint-venture will build them. Everything is the subject of discussions at present," Mladek said.

State-run power utility CEZ, the operator of Temelin, cancelled the tender for the extension of Temelin in April after the government refused to provide state guarantees to the project.

Mladek also reiterated that one of the planned new nuclear units might be built at the Dukovany nuclear power plant in south Moravia.

"There seems to be almost consensus. We will not probably return to the construction of two units at Temelin. It is more probable that there could be one new unit at Temelin and one at Dukovany," Mladek said.

"This is because we would like to maintain the Dukovany locality for a nuclear power station. Dukovany has licence until 2025," Mladek said.

After that, the plant's condition will be assessed by the European Commission. A new unit could then be built at Dukovany by 2035, Mladek said.

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