Special Czech police team to fight tax crime starts working


13.06.2014 13:32

Prague - The Cobra special police team of up to 100 members to fight big tax evasion and tax crime more efficiently starts working in the Czech Republic, Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (senior government Social Democrats, CSSD) said today.


Ministr vnitra Milan Chovanec předal symbolickou kobru policejnímu prezidentovi Tomáši Tuhému na setkání 13. června v sídle Policejního prezidia v Praze. V Česku začíná fungovat tzv. Kobra proti daňové kriminalitě. Speciální tým může mít až 100 lidí. ČTK Kamaryt Michal

The team is to expand to the regions later, said Chovanec when signing an implementation protocol, enabling to officially launch the Cobra team´s work as of June 15.

He added that he would like to know the team´s first results at the end of this year.

Zleva ministr vnitra Milan Chovanec, policejní prezident Tomáš Tuhý, generální ředitel Celní správy Pavel Novotný a zástupce generálního ředitele Generálního finančního ředitelství Jiří Žezulka podepisují prováděcí protokol dohody o spolupráci, výměně informací a koordinaci, uzavřené v dubnu mezi ministry financí a vnitra, na setkání 13. června v sídle Policejního prezidia v Praze.

The Czech Cobra team was formed on the basis of experience from the neighbouring Slovakia where such a group had been working.

The "Czech Cobra" will deal with tax frauds causing damage of over 150 million crowns.

Chovanec recalled that in the past the police, customs and financial authorities acted separately in the fight against tax crime, which was not very efficient.

The new team has a clear structure and function and it will be therefore more efficient, he added.

The financial and customs offices and the police will now cooperate within the Cobra team.

The agreement includes their information exchange, the selection of cases with which Cobra will deal and the way of their release in media. It also sets regular meetings of representatives of particular offices.

The Czech Cobra will operate under the anti-corruption police. It will comprise specially trained police officers who have received state-of-the-art equipment, such as encrypted telephones, Police President Tomas Tuhy said.

Last year, the anti-corruption police investigated the tax fraud cases causing over 36-billion-crown damage in total, which means a year-on-year rise of almost 15 billion crowns.

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