Ski flying world championship team event cancelled


16.03.2014 15:08

Harrachov - The team competition at the ski flying world championship in Harrachov has been cancelled over strong wind, same as the third and fourth round of the individual competition scheduled for Saturday.


Mistrovství světa v letech na lyžích 16. března v Harrachově. Vítr komplikuje zkušební kolo závodu družstev. ČTK ČTK

Due to this, the results of the first two rounds of the individual ski jumping events held on Friday have been declared final.

The ski jumping event has been won by Severin Freund from Germany, followed by Anders Bardal from Norway and Peter Prevc from Slovenia.


1. Freund (Germany) 391.0 points (203.5 m+191.5), 2. Bardal (Norway) 379.9 (203.5+188), 3. Prevc (Slovenia) 375.6 (200+183), 4. Kasai (Japan) 374.6 (187.5+193), 5. Stoch (Poland) 363.8 (186+190), 6. Koudelka (Czech) 362.6 (185.5+197), 7. Fannemel (Norway) 352.5 (182+187), 8. Vasiliyev (Russia) 350.2 (197+175), 9. Diethart (Austria) 349.0 (183+184), 10. Kot (Poland) 347.8 (184.5+183.5).

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