Share of women in top managerial positions exceeds 30 pct


25.08.2014 17:02

Prague - The share of women in top managerial positions at large Czech companies increased from 22 percent in 2009 to more than 30 percent this year, according to a database of the Bisnode company containing information about more than 3,270 largest domestic firms.


Žena s kabelkou, móda - ilustrační foto ČTK/AP Jonathan Short

"Even though the share of women in senior managerial positions is growing, it has not reached the EU average yet," Bisnode analyst Petra Stepanova said.

Women work in top managerial positions mostly in the fields of personalistics (79 pct), finances (44 pct) and marketing (41 pct).

Between 2013 and 2014, women gradually started to replace men in positions of sales directors. Their share in these posts increased from 14 percent in 2013 to 17 percent this year.

Information technologies and CEO posts, on the other hand, still remain the domain of men, with only 3 percent of women working in top IT managerial positions at 6 percent of large domestic companies.

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