Schapiro to replace Eisen as U.S. ambassador to Prague


13.02.2014 16:54

Prague - U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic Norman Eisen will be replaced with Andrew H. Schapiro, who studied with President Barack Obama, the server wrote today, referring to information from diplomatic circles.


Vlajka USA - ilustrační foto. ČTK/AP

Eisen has held the post of U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic since January 2011.

A trustworthy source has confirmed the information to CTK.

Eisen may leave the post later this year.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said recently the situation where the post was vacant for two years before Eisen arrived in Prague should not repeat.

Nuland said Washington had taken a lesson from the past and would act accordingly.

She did not say who would replace Eisen.

She did not mention the date of his departure and did not even confirm the departure.

A lower-ranking diplomat headed the U.S. mission during the two years when the U.S. had not ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Eisen's arrival was delayed over the approval procedure in the USA. He had to be confirmed the U.S. Senate when he already exercised the post.

Eisen was the White House ethics adviser before his nomination as ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Eisen said he considered his being sent to Prague a sign of the importance Obama laid on Czech-U.S. relations.

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