Rare Indian rhinoceros young born in Czech zoological garden


02.02.2014 18:11

Plzen - A young of the rare Indian rhinoceros was born in the Plzen Zoological Garden during the night, zoo spokesman Martin Vobruba told CTk today, adding that both the mother, five-year-old Majnula, and her first offspring are most probably doing well.


V plzeňské zoologické zahradě se narodilo mládě vzácného nosorožce indického. Pětiletá samice Manjula porodila svého prvního potomka 2. února kolem 01:30. Samička nosorožce indického Manjula porodila 2. února okolo 1:30 v plzeňské ZOO první mládě. (fotka je prinscreen z webkamery na stránkách zoo) ČTK Zoo Plzeň

"It seems it is a female," he said adding that the pavilion will be closed to the public for some time now, but those interested can follow the rhinoceroses online.

"The employees of the zoological garden rejoice at the event, the birth of the Indian rhinoceros is one of the most important events in the long history of the zoo," Vobruba said.

The Plzen zoo is the sole Czech garden breeding Indian rhinoceroses at present. Previously three Indian rhinoceroses were born in the zoo in Dvur Kralove, east Bohemia, the last one in 1997.

The birth in Plzen was spontaneous without any human interference. The young stood up after ten to 15 minutes and later took its first faltering steps, Vobruba said.

"The young is very bright and agile," Vobruba said and added that it already drinks from its mother and walks around its "home," scrutinising it.

The keepers estimate its weight at several dozen kilograms.

Manjula was born in Tierpark in Berlin in April. The father, Baabuu will be ten years old this year and the young is also his first offspring. Weighing 2300 kilograms, Baabuu is the biggest animal in the Plzen zoo. Manjula weighs 1800 kilograms.

In Europe 66 Indian rhinoceroses live in 24 gardens, 32 of whom are younger than ten years. Only seven of the rhinoceroses in Europe were born in the wild.

Last year, four young were bred in Europe. Some 2800 rhinoceroses now live in the world.

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