Prague police piano performance video popular, player praised

Pražský policista v uniformě krátce zahraje na klavír umístěný v centru u budovy filozofické fakulty.

published: 16.12.2013, 11:09 | updated: 16.12.2013 11:32:37

Prague - A video of a Czech uniformed police officer playing a piano in the street of Prague recently posted on the YouTube video-sharing website has become highly popular as 950,000 have watched it until now and the player was praised by the Czech police chief.

On Sunday, Czech Police President Martin Cervicek praised the playing officer in a TV discussion programme.

"Paradoxically, this man may have done for the good name of the police more than I will ever do," Cervicek told CT, referring to the fact that the video received many positive comments on social networking websites.

The young man joined the police only a few months ago.

The video shows a policeman playing the romantic song River Flows In You, by the South Korean composer Yiruma, on the piano and his colleague watching him outside one of the buildings of Charles University in the historical centre of the city. The video titled This is Prague, Baby! was posted on Youtube by a foreigner, probably a Russian tourist.

Within a project of Ondrej Kobza, a Prague cafe owner, pianos were placed in various public areas for public use this summer in order to bring more life to the streets of the capital city.

The Czech daily Pravo speculated last week whether the police piano player should not by punished by his employer because he made the short music performance while on duty.

Prague police spokesman Jan Danek told the paper that the officer´s superiors agreed that he had not violated his duties as the two officers were walking to a crossroads where they were to control the traffic.

After Cervicek talked about the police pianist on TV on December 15, the servers of the BBC, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail mentioned the case, among others.

Another Czech video that has become popular around the world was an official recording showing then president Vaclav Klaus at an official event in Chile pocketing a protocol pen in 2011. This video has been watched five million times.



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