Prague is 22nd most frequently visited city in world - MasterCard


15.07.2014 16:22

Prague - Prague is the 22nd most frequently visited city in the world and ninth most popular destination city in Europe, according to the Global Destination Cities Index for 2014, released by the MasterCard association.


Praha, galerie Mánes, Tančící dům, Rašínovo nábřeží, Vltava - ilustrační foto ČN ČN

The MasterCard survey analyses tourism in the individual world cities in terms of foreign visitor numbers and their spending. The top global destination of the index is London for the third time in the past four years.

The study predicts that Prague will be visited by 4.9 million tourists this year, a growth of 1.1 million against 2009 and 400,000 more than last year.

The Czech capital has overtaken Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw, for example, in popularity.

"This year's ranking confirms that world cities remain important centres of business, culture and economy. We expect that tourists will spend up to $3.8m in total during a one-day stay in Prague," Miroslav Lukes, MasterCard CEO for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said.

The number of foreign tourists and their spending for each of the 132 cities included in the survey is calculated based on data from public sources using special algorithms.

As regards the ranking of destination cities, the survey pays special attention to eliminating the influence of travellers' changing planes in cities such as Singapore, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Top destination cities in Europe in 2014:

citynumber of tourists in millions

Source: MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index 2014

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