Prague has highest wages in CR, Ostrava lags behind --analysis


05.08.2014 13:05

Prague - Prague has the highest wages in the Czech Republic, people in the Czech capital earn Kc31,000 a month on average, while people in Ostrava, the third biggest Czech city, earn less than in smaller regional capitals, according to an analysis of portal


Peníze, bankovky, česká měna, koruna, úspory - ilustrační foto. ČTK Zavoral Libor

People in Plzen, Liberec and Pardubice earn over Kc22,300 a month which is the average monthly wage in Ostrava.

The analysis was made on the basis of the portal´s anonymous survey among more than 100,000 people.

Average wage in the Czech Republic grew by Kc793 year on year to Kc24,806 in the first quarter of this year, according to Czech Statistical Office (CSU) data.

Nominal growth thus reached 3.3 percent and real growth 3.1 percent.

The high wages in Prague include a high number of top managerial positions. In case of normal positions, they are very similar to wages in the Moravian city of Brno.

Ostrava sank behind some regional capitals maybe also due to high unemployment. Low average wages are copying towns with high unemployment.

"In particular big concentration of higher managerial positions and business-oriented positions stand behind the higher wages in Prague. Wages are always higher in these positions," analyst Zdenek Nemec commented on the data.

"On the other hand, wages are pulled down by tougher competition on the labour market. Prague has a sufficient number of people with university education and qualified people," he added.

Benefits are also an interesting part of some jobs, for example a company car, mobile phone or computer also for private purposes, or contribution to private pension schemes.

When comparing the three biggest cities, employees in Prague have the highest number of benefits.

Luncheon vouchers are the most popular and nearly a half of employees receive them. Thirty percent of employees have extra holidays.

Prague has the highest percentage of employees getting non-alcoholic beverages for free at their workplace (29 percent), followed by Brno with 23 percent and Ostrava with 20 percent.

Flexible working hours and employee events are more popular in southern Moravia.

cityaverage monthly wage (Kc)
Brno - City25,100
Plzen - City23,800
Hradec Kralove22,300
Ceske Budejovice22,000
Usti nad Labem21,000
Karlovy Vary20,100


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