Prague confirms ambassador called to Indonesian ministry


30.04.2014 14:09

Prague/Jakarta - Czech ambassador to Indonesia Tomas Smetanka was summoned to the Indonesian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday after the government sent a diplomatic note to the Czech cabinet over a police raid on a mosque in Prague centre on April 25, David Frous confirmed for CTK today.


Kriminalisté z Útvaru pro odhalování organizovaného zločinu (ÚOOZ) zasahovali 25. dubna na několika místech Prahy kvůli podezření z vydání a distribuce knihy, která šíří rasismus, antisemitismus, xenofobii a násilí proti takzvaným méněcenným rasám. ČTK to řekl mluvčí útvaru Pavel Hanták. Jedním z míst, kde policisté zasahovali, bylo i sídlo Islámské nadace Praha v ulici Politických vězňů (na snímku). ČTK Doležal Michal

Frous is the Czech Foreign Ministry´s spokesman.

Czech police detained dozens of people, including Indonesian diplomats, during the raid.

The Indonesian embassy in Prague has asked the police to explain the incident, The Jakarta Post reported today, referring to the Indonesian embassy´s secretary Wahono Yulianto, who was also detained.

Frous said Smetanka spoke with the Indonesian side about current issues and they also mentioned the police action in the Prague mosque.

Frous said Prague continues with negotiations concerning the diplomatic note.

"We continue to pay attention to the matter with all seriousness due to it," Frous told CTK without elaborating.

Last Friday, the police raided facilities of the Islamic Foundation in Prague centre and on the eastern edge of the city, where Muslims meet.

The police later accused a 55-year-old Czech man of support for and propagation of a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms.

The man from Prague faces up to ten years in prison, if found guilty.

He is suspected of having provided for the publication and distribution of a book spreading racism.

Wahono said the detained persons included ten Indonesians - nine diplomats and one student. He said the raid started right after the Friday prayers began.

The police released a few children, older people and handicapped persons shortly after they entered the facilities.

Wahono said six Indonesians were released after one and a half hours, another three two hours later.

He said the Czech police violated the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations.

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