Prague activists call on Czech PM to more support Ukraine


17.08.2014 21:43

Prague - Activists from the Czech Kaputin group called on Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) to more support Ukraine in its fight against Russia at their demonstration in Prague on Sunday evening.


Aktivisté ze skupiny Kaputin (Demokraté - zastavme Putina) 17. srpna na Václavském náměstí v Praze vyzvali českého premiéra Bohuslava Sobotku, aby více podpořil Ukrajinu v boji proti Rusku. Přímo pod sochou svatého Václava postavili tři stany, na nichž byly ukrajinské vlajky a nápisy jako Stop Putinovi, Chraňme demokracii či Putin - masový vrah. ČTK Šulová Kateřina

The activists set up three tents next to the St Wenceslas statue in the city´s central square and displayed Ukrainian flags and banners with slogans like "Stop Putin" and "Protect Democracy."

The Kaputin group wants Sobotka to introduce broader sanctions against Russia and spend more money on the defence of the Czech Republic.

Activist Michal Majzner said Sobotka has not answered any of the letters they addressed to him so far.

"We want our prime minister to take the situation in Ukraine seriously, to support Ukraine much more than by saying he does not want any further sanctions because this would harm the economy," Majzner told CTK.

The Kaputin group organises street event in order to attract public attention to these issues.

Its first event was organised outside the Russian Embassy in Prague in late July. The activists paid respect to the dead passengers of the downed plane that was hit by a missile when flying over the territory controlled by pro-Russian rebels.

In early August, Kaputin held another protest outside the branch of the Russian bank Sperbank in Prague´s centre.

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