Police accused Czech man of murdering wife, daughter in Egypt


19.02.2014 08:48

Ostrava - The Czech police accused Petr Kramny of murdering his wife and daughter, who died of poisoning in the Egyptian seaside resort of Hurghada in July 2013, and detained him on Tuesday, regional police chief Tomas Kuzel told CTK today.


Jihomoravský policejní šéf Tomáš Kužel na tiskové konferenci 25. listopadu v Brně oznámil násilnou smrt pohřešovaného místostarosty Brna-Židenic Aleše Vytopila. ČTK ČTK

A state attorney will propose Kramny´s remanding in custody.

Kuzel refused to comment on the murders´ motive, method and possible pieces of evidence to prove Kramny was guilty.

He only said the police had called the 35-year-old man to questioning on Monday.

"We wanted to clarify some matters. We have been working with him since Monday evening. He was accused of murder on Tuesday," Kuzel told CTK.

The Czech woman, aged 36, and her eight-year-old daughter died of the poisoning by an unknown substance in their hotel room in Hurghada. They were found by the husband who said all of them had suffered from stomach problems.

The Egyptian police suspected Kramny of having caused their death. He had to stay in Egypt until October 2013 over the investigation.

Kramny has pleaded not guilty since the beginning.

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