PM´s proposal for Czech govt appointment includes mistakes


29.01.2014 16:57

Prague - The letter with the proposal for the new Czech government´s appointment, which PM Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) sent to the Presidential Office, included some mistakes, for which President Milos Zeman rebuked Sobotka during the appointment of his cabinet today.


Návrh na jmenování vlády, který premiér Bohuslav Sobotka odeslal na Hrad, obsahoval několik chyb. Kandidát na ministra zemědělství Marian Jurečka v něm byl překřtěn na Martina. Místo zemědělství navíc v textu bylo uvedeno, že míří do čela ministerstva zdravotnictví. V dokumentu bylo také namísto příjmení ministra životního prostředí Richarda Brabce chybně uvedeno "Brabenec". Prezident Miloš Zeman premiéru Bohuslavu Sobotkovi chyby v nominačním dopise vytknul. ČTK Horázný Josef

The first name of the candidate for agriculture minister Marian Jurecka (Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL) was, for instance, changed to Martin in the proposal. Besides, it was written that he would head the Health Ministry.

The surname of the future environment minister Richard Brabec (ANO) was misspelled as "Brabenec."

"Dear Mr Prime Minister, six mistakes in a 1.5-page document is quite a lot and it does not fully prove the professionalism we all would wish from this government," said Zeman, who also made a few slips in his speech during the ceremony.

The ANO movement, which nominated Brabec for the government, wrote on its Facebook profile that it would forgive spelling mistakes in a letter.

Zeman in his speech to the new government members said if he had strictly followed the text of the document (he had received from Sobotka), he would not have appointed some ministers at all.

Zeman appointed the centre-left coalition government of the CSSD, ANO and the KDU-CSL at 14:00 today, 95 days after the late-October early general election.

It replaced the caretaker cabinet of Jiri Rusnok, which Zeman pushed through after the fall of the centre-right government last summer, against the will of most parties in parliament.

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