People in four Czech towns demonstrate in supprt of Ukraine


08.03.2014 20:04

Prague - Hundreds of people demonstrated against the Russian intervention in Ukraine´s Crimea under the motto "For Your and Our Freedom" in four Czech towns tonight.


Demonstrace proti ruské intervenci na ukrajinském Krymu se uskutečnila 8. března na Václavském náměstí v Praze. Na snímku vpředu vlevo bývalý ministr zahraničí Karel Schwarzenberg. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

The demonstrations were staged besides Prague also in Brno, and in Plzen and Karlovy Vary, both west Bohemia.

In Prague Ukrainians and Russians living in the Czech Republic were joined by Czechs, including former foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg and other representatives of political and cultural life.

In Prague, the Ukrainian and EU flags were put up on St Wenceslas statue in Wenceslas Square.

The demonstrators carried posters reading "Stop Russian Fascism" or "Help Ukraine."

"In this difficult time we must show solidarity," Schwarzenberg told CTK.

He recalled that the Czechs experienced twice what the Ukrainians are experiencing today.

Schwarzenberg was hinting at the German occupation in 1939 and the Soviet-led invasion in 1968.

"We know what it means when foreign troops occupy the country," he said.

Schwarzenberg said one Ukrainian dissident was among the Russian dissidents who demonstrated in support of occupied Czechoslovakia in Moscow´s Red Square in 1968.

Demonstrations in support of a democratic order in Ukraine were staged in four towns by the initiative We Want a Democratic Ukraine and the civic associations Euromajdan,o.s., Euromaidan Brno, Without and Alternativa.

They compared Crimea in 2014 to the Sudetenland in 1938, when a part of then Czechoslovakia was occupied by Nazi Germany. This was followed by the occupation of the whole Czech Lands in 1939.

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