People can play chess in Prague streets


18.08.2014 11:45

Prague - The first chess table along with figures was installed at the namesti Miru square this morning within a project thanks to which people may play chess in some streets and parks of Prague, cafe owner Ondrej Kobza, who was behind the Pianos in the Street project last year, has told CTK.


Na pěti místech v centru Prahy se na začátku srpna objeví šachové stolky s figurkami. Oblíbenou stolní hru si budou lidé moci zahrát u speciálně upravených školních lavic. Objeví se na Kampě, v Riegrových sadech, na Grébovce, Karlově náměstí a na náměstí Míru. Na snímku z 23. července z Karlova náměstí je kavárník Ondřej Kobza. který projekt připravuje. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

Other places will follow suit, Kobza said.

The project is to encourage the public meetings and life in Prague's streets, Kobza said.

"I wanted to set an example, to inspire people, showing what can be done in the public space, how it can be revitalised with minimum costs," Kobza said.

The project, he has prepared along with his friends, will cost some 30,000 crowns.

Some chessboards are painted on school benches. There are figures that will be collected for the nights, Kobza said.

In a park, the players will be given the figures at its entry, while elsewhere volunteers will bring them, he added.

In past months, the Pianos in the Street met a positive response and Prague was joined by about 30 towns. The project scored the biggest success with a foreigner playing the piano at the Prague airport.

The video has been seen by over nine million people at YouTube.

"The town is a white canvas on which we can paint by our creativity," Kobza has said.

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