Over three quarters of businesses back euro adoption --poll


30.04.2014 12:24

Prague - Over three quarters of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic believe that the country should adopt the euro sooner or later, according to a survey made by the Confederation of Industry and bank Ceska sporitelna among over 200 respondents whose results CTK got from the confederation.


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The survey was made in connection with the tenth anniversary of the Czech Republic´s entry in the EU.

More than 80 percent of the entrepreneurs think, however, that the Czech Republic´s prestige in EU institutions could be better otherwise its possibilities to influence the decisions are small.

As for euro adoption, most entrepreneurs favour it. A quarter believe that the country should have adopted the euro already, nearly 30 percent support its adoption in 2018 to 2020 and some 22 percent think that the country should join the euro zone after 2020.

Only 23 percent of the entrepreneurs are against euro adoption. As for the general public, only a quarter of people back euro adoption, as a recent survey of agency STEM has shown.

Around three quarters of the entrepreneurs think that joining the EU was favourable for their company. They praise mostly free movement in the Schengen Area, EU subsidies and support instruments, the internal market and higher chances for trade.

More than 60 percent of the respondents think, however, that the Czech Republic has not done enough for raising its competitiveness during the ten years in the EU. As for the main disadvantages of EU membership, domestic entrepreneurs cite higher bureaucracy and excessive regulation.

As regards the EU´s energy policy, some 46 percent of entrepreneurs say it is bad and only a fraction says it is very good.

"Most companies see expensive electricity in the Czech Republic when talking about this policy," the Confederation of Industry said.

Positive evaluation prevails significantly by the EU Cohesion Policy, subsidies, research, development and innovations. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) came as the second worst right after the energy policy. It was criticised by some three fifths of the respondents.

Every fifth entrepreneur who took part in the survey has no experience with EU funds. Of those who have it, more than a half are satisfied. Entrepreneurs cite bureaucracy as the main problem in the use of subsidies.

In the period of 2014 to 2020, 54 percent of the respondents want to apply for subsidies from EU funds and almost 35 percent do not plan such step.

Most of the respondents are active in industry and services, nearly 40 percent employ over 250 people, 31 percent have 50 to 249 employees and the rest are entrepreneurs with less than 59 employees.

Over three quarters of the companies which took part in the survey are Czech entities.

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