Okamura is most trusted Czech politician - poll


13.01.2014 15:15

Prague - Tomio Okamura, chairman of the Dawn of Direct Democracy populist movement, is trusted by 47 percent of Czechs, the highest figure in a poll conducted by the CVVM polling agency in December and released today.


Předseda hnutí Úsvit přímé demokracie Tomio Okamura. ČTK Vondrouš Roman

He is followed by media and food tycoon Andrej Babis, head of the ANO movement, and future defence minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO).

Social Democrat (CSSD) leader Bohuslav Sobotka, future prime minister, finished fourth.

Compared with the September poll, the trust in Pavel Belobradek, leader of the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL), surged from 14 percent to the current 25 percent.

The CSSD, ANO and the KDU-CSL will form the next government.

Babis's poll rating also rapidly rose from 32 percent to 45 percent.

On the other hand, 85 percent said of Czechs they distrusted TOP 09 deputy chairman Miroslav Kalousek, followed by Civic Democratic Party (ODS) deputy chairwoman Miroslava Nemcova (59 percent) and Communist (KSCM) leader Vojtech Filip (58 percent).

The poll asked the questions about 25 representatives of parliamentary parties. It included party chairpersons and deputy chairpersons as well as heads of deputy groups.

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