Number of newly set up firms in CR in 2013 highest in three years


03.02.2014 13:02

Prague - A total of 22,845 new companies were set up in the Czech Republic in 2013, the highest number in the past three years, as an economic recovery fuelled entrepreneurs' willingness to invest in new projects, according to an analysis released by consulting company Bisnode.


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The total number of businesses in the Czech Republic rose by almost 7 percent year-on-year to 391,500 last year, according to Bisnode.

Entrepreneurs invested more than Kc25bn in share capital in 2013, of which 57 percent was investment in joint-stock companies.

"But interest in joint-stock companies continued to decline last year, which is linked to the ban on anonymous shares," Bisnode's analyst Petra Stepanova said.

Bisnode registered 25,120 (6.4 percent) joint-stock companies and 366,432 (93.6 percent) limited liability companies at its databases at the end of 2013.

A total of 4,564 companies ceased to exist during the year.

"In the past seven years when Bisnode has been monitoring these statistics in detail, a total of 107,000 new companies have been established in the Czech Republic," Stepanova said.

"In terms of a percentage year-on-year growth of the number of companies on our market, the 2013 growth was the biggest in the past five years and was almost the same as before the crisis. This, just like establishments of new businesses, is related to a recovery of our economy and entrepreneurs' appetite to develop new activities," she added.

Almost a half of the companies that were registered last year were set up in the capital city of Prague (11,155).

Jihomoravsky region with 2,287 new companies came second, followed by Moravskoslezsky (1,430 companies) and Stredocesky (1,175 companies). However, the number of newly established companies fell by about 10 percent in Stredocesky region.

The smallest numbers of new companies were set up in regions Karlovarsky (258), Vysocina (310) and Liberecky (313).

Number of newly established companies in CR in 2007 - 2013

limited liability22,22721,59221,17422,46021,75622,63821,063

*Statistics include only joint-stock companies and limited liability companies, not entities such as limited partnerships, homeowners' associations etc.

Source: Bisnode

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