No new motorway and railway section to be opened in 2014

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published: 26.12.2013, 15:58 | updated: 26.12.2013 16:03:18

Prague - No new motorway and railway section will be opened in the Czech Republic in 2014, while six fast-road sections are to be completed, according to statistics of the Road and Motorway Directorate (RSD) and rail track management company (SZDC).

The statistics show that there will be not a single kilometre of new motorways next year. As for railways, no larger modernised section will be put in operation, either.

On the other hand, 14 kilometres of fast roads will be built in 2014.

Some 90 kilometres of modernised and reconstructed railway lines and 55 kilometres of roads have been completed this year.

The longest road part to be opened in 2014 is a 7-kilometre section of fast road R35 in the Liberecky region built for around Kc1.7bn.

Apart from this, work is to be completed on modernisation of the first four sections of motorway D1 that are 34.4 kilometres long in total.

Plans for newly started projects are a bit more positive. The RSD plans to start construction of 22 new road and motorway projects whose total length is over 100 kilometres.

The SZDC plans to start work on some ten large projects next year.

However, delays in tenders caused by complaints of unsuccessful bidders at antitrust office UOHS can postpone the expected start of the projects.

Decision in most of these disputes takes many months and sometimes even over a year.

"Completion of tenders is one of the RSD´s key priorities for 2014," said RSD CEO Pavel Kocica, adding that work on the projects´ preparation and buying out of land is equally important.

Entrepreneurs in construction see delays in the preparation of new projects as the biggest problem for transport construction at the moment.


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