New units of Temelin might be built by new state-run firm - press


13.03.2014 08:29

Prague - Two new units of the nuclear power plant of Temelin, south Bohemia, might be built by a new state-run firm, set up for this purpose, instead of power utility CEZ, the operator of Temelin, daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) said today, referring to Industry Minister Jan Mladek.


Jaderná elektrárna Temelín. ČTK Štěrba Martin, Fotobanka ČTK

Activities connected with the completion of Temelin would be performed by an independent, purely state-owned company, thanks to which CEZ would get rid of risks connected with the investment, HN said.

"Yes, but at this moment I would like not to comment on the preparatory work," Mladek said in response to a question whether a tender to set up such a state-run firm is being prepared.

According to Mladek, the new company would not have any minority shareholders and would not therefore have to fear any legal disputes. The problem, however, is that "instead of a guarantee of the purchase price (of electricity from Temelin), a traditional government guarantee would be provided," Mladek said.

According to sources of HN and weekly Ekonom, it is most probable that CEZ will halt the tender to complete Temelin without selecting a winner in June at the latest. After that, a new state-run firm tasked with building the planned new units could be set up. A new tender would be declared in such a case, HN said.

Bidders in the tender to complete Temelin are US-Japanese company Westinghouse and Czech-Russian consortium MIR.1200.

CEZ excluded the third bidder, French company Areva, from the tender in October 2012, pointing to serious mistakes in its bid.

The two new units are expected to more than double Temelin's performance, which currently reaches 2,000 MW.

Under the plan, the construction is to be completed in 2025 and the new units are to be in operation for 60 years.

The value of the contract is estimated at several hundred billion crowns.

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