New Palestinian embassy building in Prague fit for occupancy


06.02.2014 10:35

Feb 6 (CTK) - The Palestinian embassy´s new building in Prague-Suchdol


Nová rezidence palestinské ambasády v pražském Suchdole (na archivním snímku z 2. ledna 2014) byla zkolaudována. ČTK Doležal Michal

After the explosion, the police found illegal weapons in the building. The Palestinians apologised for their possession and said they come from the 1980s and that they were never used.

The Palestinian embassy is moving to Suchdol from Prague-Troja.

Suchdol inhabitants started to protest against the mission in their neighbourhood after the explosion, saying they fear for their safety.

The Suchdol self-rule authority will deal with the situation today in the presence of representatives of the police, Foreign Ministry and Palestinian embassy.

Before the approval of the building for occupancy the house was not an official diplomatic seat.

Jamal al Jamal suffered fatal injuries when an explosive went off after the ambassador opened a safe that was moved to the new embassy building shortly before.

The Czech police have been investigating the case as killing out of negligence and also unauthorised armament. They said this was not an act of terrorism.

Jamal al Jamal´s daughter spoke about a possible murder.

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