New Czech government´s promises are unrealistic - ODS


29.01.2014 13:35

Prague - The Czech opposition Civic Democrats (ODS) consider the promises given by the new cabinet of the Social Democrats (CSSD), ANO and the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) unrealistic but, on the other hand, they welcome the arrival of a political government, ODS head Petr Fiala said today.


Dvoudenní kongres Občanské demokratické strany (ODS) se konal 18. ledna v Olomouci. Na snímku kandidát na předsedu ODS Petr Fiala, profesor politologie a exministr školství, vystupuje s volebním projevem. ČTK Peřina Luděk

"The maintenance of the presidential cabinet that lacked [parliament´s] confidence was unacceptable," Fiala told journalists shortly before the government´s ceremonial appointment.

He referred to the outgoing caretaker cabinet of Jiri Rusnok, which President Milos Zeman installed in July.

The new government promises generous expenses without specifying how to save the necessary money, Fiala said.

He said the government´s plans raise doubts about its competence and fears of the consequences its governance may have.

"The government has no clear concept of where and how it wants to lead the Czech Republic. It has simply put together the most popular points of the [three coalition parties´] election manifestos, though they often go counter to or contradict each other in terms of logic," Fiala said.

He recommended that people should not behave in line with the government´s recipe and not spend more money than what they earn, otherwise they would fare badly.

The ODS, which wants to be a constructive opposition, says the cabinet wants to rule mainly at the cost of small businesspeople and the self-employed whom it plans to tax more strictly.

The idea of introducing a special tax for selected big corporations [promoted mainly by the CSSD], is dangerous as well, the ODS says.

Fiala said the ODS will continue striving for a restart of economic growth by reducing the regulations and directives stifling the economy, liberalising the labour market and decreasing the price of labour, which would lead to a decline in unemployment and debts, and simplifying the tax system.

The ODS repeated that the government has come to power thanks to meeting Zeman´s condition concerning the passage of the civil service bill and after Zeman separately "examined" each of the new ministers.

The ODS is afraid that power is being assumed by people who were willing to turn a blind eye to a unilateral abuse of laws, who let themselves checked by the president and who are not accountable to the prime minister and the Chamber of Deputies but mainly to the president, Fiala said.

The ODS led several Czech cabinets in the past. The last one collapsed in mid-2013 over a scandal of the then PM and ODS chairman Petr Necas´s close aide. The ODS suffered a defeat in the October 2013 polls when its number of lawmakers fell to 16 from 53 in the previous election term.

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